Big Kuntry Cigars was founded in 2020 by A.J. Beauford aka
“Big Kuntry.”

I contribute my love of the leaf because of my grandfather Big John Reeves. My grandfather was a lover of the leaf and a pipe smoker for a lot of years during my childhood. Growing up I loved the smell of my grandads pipe but hated the smell of the cigars,
but as I got older I begin to dabble in the cigar world, as my pallet and knowledge grew, so did my love of the leaf. I have my grandfather to thank for this, he was a vital part of me starting BKC.
As I grow I want you all to grow with me, because without you there would not be a Big Kuntry Cigars. So please sit back cut, light, and smoke a Big Kuntry Cigar.

Remember, you’re not only smoking a Cigar… you’re smoking a part of History.

Big Kuntry

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